Start acting for the SDGs!

When we face big complex global challenges, there is a risk we might start feeling hopeless, thinking they are way out of range. It is true that accomplishing the SDGs necessarily goes trough big policy changes, governments and international organisations. But, still, there is a lot that we can do.

On one hand, highlighting what we can do individually, as citizens and consumers, is a key point when talking about the SDGs. This because usually people won’t take action to address a threat or a problem if they have the impression that there is nothing that can be done about it, that it is a lost cause. Does it sound familiar?

It seems to be the case with many people’s reaction to the climate crisis, for example, where guilt and fear often leads to denial and inaction.

On the other hand, stimulating individual initiative doesn’t mean taking responsibility away from governments and corporations. Obviously massive oil companies have more responsibility over the planet current’s situation than you using plastic bottles. But the point here is that our daily actions do make a difference and, moreover, they can inspire others around us to take action too.

Individuals, especially when organised in groups, can promote effective change trough direct action and campaigning. This is why we have prepared a small checklist, to remind you of all the things you can start doing today for achieving the SDGs. Realising our potential to make a difference is a point of no return: let’s move forward!



  • Support a cause – Join a local or international organisation that actively contributes to a cause that you care about. Support it by donating money or doing volunteer work. Ideally both.
  • Be a conscious consumer – Buy less: repair what you already have, make things at home and avoid things that stimulate impulse buying (cancel shops newsletters, avoid malls, etc.). And also buy better: prefer second hand, local products and things produced in fair and sustainable ways.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint – Start diminishing your waste production by buying minimally packaged goods, not accepting disposable items, recycling and composting. Also reduce your carbon footprint by eating less meat and taking the train instead of the airplane, and the bike instead of the car, always when possible.
  • Stand up! -Don’t turn a blind eye on racism, exclusion, discrimination and injustice, either in your work place, on public places or on social media. Participate in campaigns and petitions to press local and national authorities to engage in initiatives that contribute to the SDGs.
  • Vote responsibly – Get informed: follow the news (not only social media!), watch debates, try to understand the main points of each candidate’s programs and choose the ones that you believe have the best proposals for the common good.

*About us: MAIA for the SDGs is an intensive program that will provide you with tools, skills and a support network to advance the the Sustainable Development Goals.


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