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What is MAIA for the SDGs?

We are living a planetary crisis that urgently demands new leaders, local agents with the power to mobilize people towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Do you want to be one of them? "MAIA for the SDGs" is a training that will provide you with tools, skills and a network with a shared purpose. Make the impossible possible by acting for the SDGs.
Sustainable Development Goals

What does it bring to you?

Experience exchange and connection with like-minded people from different countries and organizations.
Development of new strategies and tools for youth mobilization and community transformation.
Critical understanding of the SDGs and strategies to implement them at a local level.
Development of your leadership potential with social and environmental awareness.


MAIA for the SDGs is structured in four modules: two in-person modules in Barcelona and two online modules. The whole training is based on innovative methodologies: active participation, co-creation of content, creative thinking and collaborative work. Participants will have the opportunity to work in real projects and put into practice different tools and strategies with the support of specialized tutors.  Activities will be held in English and Spanish.



Making the impossible possible


Project Development (Cross-Module, online)
Module 0


Crisis and opportunities


In-person, Barcelona

18-24 November 2019
Module 1


Transformative young leaders


Module 2


From Awareness to action


In-person, Barcelona

23-29 March 2020
Module 3

Is this training for you?

If you want to take a leadership role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals this training is for you.

  • If you have creativity, entrepreneurial attitude and social and environmental commitment
  • If you are willing to develop teamwork with openness, empathy and cooperation

  • If you have experience in projects or institutions aimed at the youth and/or the SDGs


  • Daniel Wahl

    Daniel Wahl

    Mallorca, Spain

    International Consultant and author of 'Designing Regenerative Cultures'
    More info
  • Jose Luiz de Vicente

    Jose Luiz de Vicente

    Barcelona, Spain

    Curator at Sónar+D and cultural researcher
    More info
  • Luiz Alberto Oliveira

    Luiz Alberto Oliveira

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Curator at Museu do Amanhã
    More info
  • Arnau Queralt

    Arnau Queralt

    Barcelona, Spain

    Director of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia (CADS)
    More info
  • Francis Valverde

    Francis Valverde

    Santiago de Chile, Chile

    Executive Director at ACHNU
    More info
  • Loes Damhof

    Loes Damhof

    Groeningen, Netherlands

    Senior Lecturer Futures Literacy at Hanze University of Applied Sciences
    More info
  • Alexandre Fernandes

    Alexandre Fernandes

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Co-founder MOTI Foundation
    More info
  • Boris Mir

    Boris Mir

    Barcelona, Spain

    Deputy Director at Escola Nova 21
  • Bruna Baffa

    Bruna Baffa

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Creative Strategist specialised in Youth Culture
    More info
  • Ana Vilagordo

    Ana Vilagordo

    Barcelona, Spain

    Consultant specialised in environmental projects
    Más info
  • Marta Escamilla

    Marta Escamilla

    Barcelona, Spain

    Manager of the Sustainability Division at LEITAT Technology Center
    More info
  • Francesco Sottile

    Francesco Sottile

    Barcelona, Spain

    Biomimetics Sciences Institute
    More info
  • Genís Roca

    Genís Roca

    Barcelona, Spain

    President at RocaSalvatella
    More info
  • Liliana Arroyo

    Liliana Arroyo

    Barcelona, Spain

    Researcher at "Institut d'Innovació Social" (ESADE) and responsible for social impact at Playground DO
    More info
  • Lasse Rouhiainen

    Lasse Rouhiainen

    Alicante, Spain

    Consultant and expert in artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies and digital marketing
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  • Angel Castiñeira

    Angel Castiñeira

    Barcelona, Spain

    Professor at ESADE
  • Anaisa Seneda

    Anaisa Seneda

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Business coach co-founder at Meraki Impact
    More info
  • Alejandra Solla

    Alejandra Solla

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Executive Director at Liga Iberoamericana
    More info
  • Miquel Cortés

    Miquel Cortés

    Guatemala, Guatemala

    Director at Fundacion educativa Fe y Alegria
    More info
  • Marc Alcaraz Diez

    Marc Alcaraz Diez

    Barcelona, Spain

    Team MAIA / Fundesplai
  • Marina Piquet

    Marina Piquet

    Barcelona, Spain

    Team MAIA / Fundesplai


In-person modules will take place in Centre Esplai, a sustainable hostel located in el Prat del Llobregat, 3km from the Barcelona airport. Centre Esplai is a modern and ecological facility, where you will also find classrooms, gardens, a restaurant and an auditorium.

Who organizes this programme?

Fundesplai is a non-profit entity established more than fifty years ago that promotes citizenship, social inclusion and the environment through projects aimed at children and youth.
For the completion of this course they have also collaborated:

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